Car park ‘is a better option’ for the market

Your article in last week’s paper (Larne Times, February 23) asked for views about a temporary move of Larne market to Broadway.

Why doesn’t the council forget about refurbishing the market yard, as nobody ever goes there, and set it up somewhere sensible?

There is a vast car park next to the Tourist Information Centre, which again nobody uses, which could be utilised on a Wednesday for the market. It would be highly visible and would draw people in locally and tourists in season and would encourage more traders.

We lived in Newark, where the town centre was used this way. It doesn’t take a great deal of organising and would also save the town the money earmarked for refurbishing a venue no one will use.

We live in an age when most women below retirement age work and therefore don’t go to the market, especially as it is out of the way. Put it somewhere accessible and they/we can pop in.

J Webster,

via email.