BNP ‘weakens loyalism’ by ‘jumping on flags bandwagon’

I READ with amazement the letter from Steven Moore in last week’s Larne Times (December 27) headlined ‘BNP address war of attrition’.

Whilst I agree in principle with Mr Moore, I cannot understand the thinking behind this man’s rhetoric.

He talks of weak politicians (naming the DUP) giving concessions to genocide and being a weak party. Might I remind Mr Moore that when something divides, it gets weaker. Its presence becomes more sparse.

With him and his party attempting to split all unionist parties from each other and create infighting, he and his party may well be responsible for weakening loyalism.

The point I am making is that if the DUP do crumble and fall, it stands to reason the next-largest party in Northern Ireland (Sinn Fein) would take over the role of Stormont leaders.

There have been enough splits in different parties over the years, forming and re-forming under different names. This has done nothing but weaken the true loyalist cause.

Now, here we have another party wanting support from loyalists, At what cost? At the cost of losing seats to someone else. Taking votes away from an otherwise worthy candidate with years of experience in NI politics.

It would make more sense to me as a voter and Larne resident to bring the parties closer together and perhaps talk about amalgamating, or merging with one another, rather than create another split and offshoot of Protestantism and loyalism.

Strength is in numbers, Mr Moore. I think the loyalist cause can ill afford any more splits. Your party should recognise this before jumping on the flags issue and people should realise this has a real danger of weakening our country against republicans.

They would be quite happy to see another split. It would give Sinn Fein/IRA another rung on the political ladder.

The figures are there to see. If all unionist parties were to amalgamate, the vote would be an unprecedented 68 per cent. All loyalists want the same goal: peace, Britishness and heritage. Why split? Why weaken?

Concerned Loyalist

(Name and address supplied)