Belgian visitors impressed with ‘clean and tidy’ town

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My Belgian husband and I have just returned to our home in Belgium from a visit to the Larne area, where I was born.

Although I make regular visits I have to say that, this time, we were very impressed with the area in general.

The road quality and system in and around Larne is second to none and the Belfast/Dublin bus service is top quality.

The level of choice and quality at the new ASDA is top class with spacious, comfortable shopping added to well-trained helpful staff. I wish I had an ASDA here, as our supermarkets are not of this high quality.

I think the citizens of Larne should feel very proud of their town, which is very clean and tidy and offers everything that is expected of such a town – added to this, its location is complemented with easy access to the sea and the ‘Highway to Health’ is unique.

We all acknowledge that the weather could be better, but the rest of northern Europe is much the same.

Perhaps I should think of returning!

Rosemary Magill-Verstrynge,

by email