Winter service plan for Carnlough

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East Antrim MLA Oliver McMullan has welcomed Transport NI’s plans for its winter service in Carnlough.

The Sinn Fein representative, along with party colleague Cllr James McKeown, met section engineer Clive Robinson to discuss plans for salting roads and footpaths.

He said: “It was agreed that the following will be put in place: salt piles in the Croft estate, all salt bins will be filled and in very bad weather there will be a lorry load of grit deposited in the car park at the Spar shop.

“Cllr McKeown has managed to get Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to sign up to an agreement with Transport NI that the footpaths in the villages will be gritted in bad weather.

“There will also be salt piles put along the Feystown Road and all local snow clearing contractors have been notified in case weather gets bad.

“Road Service have agreed a winter plan, which I thank them for.”