'˜The wildest ofGaelic chieftains' to go on show

A talk and exhibition about the Countess of Antrim will take place at The Londonderry Arms Hotel in Carnlough on Saturday August 12.

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017, 5:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:31 am
Glenarm Castle.

The event, hosted by her son Hector McDonnell, will commence at 8.00 pm.

It has been organised to promote the re-launch of Angela’s book entitled “The Antrim McDonnells”.

Hector said that his mother who died in 1984 at the age of 73-years-old came from a “highly creative family”.

“From her childhood, she showed great talent for making witty pictures in inks and watercolours.

“From 1927 until 1932, she trained as a sculptor in Brussels and then Rome and then worked in London until she married in 1934.

“Then she was based at Glenarm but exhibited in London and Belfast throughout her life.

Rooms in Glenarm Castle were decorated with her murals and sculptures.

“She also fell in love with stories my father told his ancestors, describing them as the wildest of Gaelic chieftains,” Hector continued.

She was inspired to create an illustrated history of the McDonnells and this was completed just a week before her husband, the Earl of Antrim, died.

Hector, an international exhibiting artist said it is a “great joy” to re-publish the works in full colour.

He added: “Unfortunately, most of my mother’s coloured images were sold and cannot be traced, so I have had the fun of recreating the missing watercolours on copies of her black ink drawings.

“It is a great joy now to present a properly colourful version of her wonderful creation to the public once again.”