Which Game of Thrones location do you think Larne is being used for?

The Game of Thrones film set at Sallagh Brae. Picture by Bill Guiller. INLT-36-708-con
The Game of Thrones film set at Sallagh Brae. Picture by Bill Guiller. INLT-36-708-con

Game of Thrones fans have been left guessing which fantasy location local landscapes are doubling up as after a picture emerged of the set at Sallagh Brae.

The picture, captured by Bill Guiller, appears to show a tall, round wooden structure with a pointed roof and small entrance hall.

Last week, the Times revealed how privately-owned land just off Sallagh Road was being used to shoot scenes featuring 400 extras for the forthcoming sixth season of the epic fantasy TV show.

Speculation has been rife over what the recently-revealed structure could be, with major fansites voicing their opinion online.

Westeros.org, which describes itself as “the oldest, largest community and news source for GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series and HBO’s Game of Thrones TV adaption,” dismissed one fan’s suggestion that the wooden building could be the Tower of Joy.

In the novel version of the fantasy adventure, Eddard Stark, his friend Howland Reed, and other companions fought knights of the kingsguard at the Tower of Joy to free Eddard’s sister Lyanna who had been kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen and who died at the tower.

However, amid rumours that potential Tower of Joy flashback scenes are being filmed in Spain, Westeros.org suggested that the scene which was filmed at Sallagh Brae was a small sept.

In George RR Martin’s novels, septs are places of worship built to honour the seven gods of the seven kingdoms.

The Larne Times wants to know what location local people think the Sallagh Brae set is being used for.

Could it be the Dothraki grasslands, where Queen Daenarys Targaryen was last sighted before being surrounded by Dothraki warriors?

Or do you have your own opinion on which fantasy destination in the seven kingdoms the local site will be transformed into?

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