Wheelchair access plan for hostel

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PROPOSED provision of wheelchair access at the Simon Community hostel in Larne is among planning applications currently designated for fast-tracking locally.

The streamline application is for alterations to the property at 1-4 Curran Road.

Other proposals on the list of non-contentious planning cases likely to be approved include a site for a dwelling on a farm approximately 85 metres north of 42 Larne Road, Ballynure (outline); replacement dwelling and detached garage 230m south of 36 Whitehill Road, Larne (outline); two detached dwellings, with garages, previously approved on lands to the rear of 41 West Street, Ballycarry (full); retrospective full planning for a garage and store at 1 Minnibrook, Manse Road, Ballycarry; demolition of existing garage and proposed detached garage and single-storey extension to provide a kitchen at 17 Tower Road, Larne (full); ground floor extension at 6 Drumahoe Gardens, Larne (full); single-storey extension to side of dwelling at 8 Regents Park, Larne (full); reorientation of site 307, including the addition of a garage, on lands 65m north of 7 Hampton Avenue, Larne (full).

Streamline speeds up the planning process. Non-contentious cases likely to be approved bypass the stage at which cases are referred to councils for consultation prior to decisions being issued, in the absence of any objections or a councillor seeking to have an application discussed.