Welcome for repairs to Princess Victorial memorial

WORK is being carried out to repair the memorial at Larne harbour in honour of those who perished on the MV Princess Victoria.

The need for maintenance at the memorial was raised Councillor Mark McKinty, who asked if council staff could examine it with a view to making urgent repairs as soon as possible.

“Following the MV Princess Victoria memorial service, it has been brought to my attention that the memorial is in need of some urgent maintenance, to prevent further water damage on the plinth,” he said, Mr McKinty urged that repair work should be carried out in order to preserve the memorial for future generations.

He was informed that as a result of vegetation, brickwork is being pushed away from the memorial’s plinth.

Mr McKinty was told that in order to resolve the problem and prevent further damage, parks staff are in the process of repairing the work to the top of the monument which will not show visible repair signs. The cost will be minimal and will be accommodated within parks budget,

The work was left until after last week’s memorial service in order to minimise disruption.

Mr McKinty said the issue had been brought to his attention via the Memories of Larne (MOL) Facebook page, in which MOL member Gavin Ferguson posted a photograph and members highlighted the issue.

“It is great how the virtual community in Larne is able to raise issues and have them dealt with in this way. I look forward to seeing the minor repairs carried out in order to preserve this memorial for future generations.

“MOL members are also debating the fact that the bay between Chaine Tower and the harbour has no name. Suggestions so far have ranged from Victoria Memorial bay, to Liam Kelly’s suggestion of Ferguson Bay, after the brave Captain of the Princess Victoria,” said Mr McKinty.