Weight loss gains charity almost £3,000

A "Biggest Loser" fitness challenge in aid of the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice has raised �2,729. INLT 05-655-CON
A "Biggest Loser" fitness challenge in aid of the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice has raised �2,729. INLT 05-655-CON

A charity weight loss programme in the Glens has raised £2,729 for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

The fundraiser, which saw participants shed more than 40 stone weight was organised by Seamus Lee, of the Fit Factory in Larne.

Forty-two participants took part in the charity “Biggest Loser”.

The eight-week competition kicked off with a strict detox.

Seamus said: “I ran a boxing class on the Tuesday evening and they had either a team challenge or group walk on a Sunday afternoon. Teams also met up independently throughout the week to walk/run and even on one occasion play rounders.

“We started on day one with a two-mile walk up through the old quarry in Carnlough to let the the teams get acquainted and break them in gently.

“After week one and the detox, there was an outstanding weight loss of 20st 9.25lb. This was also the week of our first team challenge which was dodgeball which ended being a lot more competitive than expected.

“Week two, we went on a group walk to Glenarm forest park and the weight loss had slowed up a bit but was expected after the detox. Our second team challenge came next in week three with a test of speed, skill and team work in a obstacle and basketball challenge and weight loss back on track with steady progress.

“Week four took us to Carnfunock for our group walk. The intensity was stepped up with team challenge three in week five, a rowing challenge, the toughest challenge so far, with 9.000 metres to complete. Team spirit was brilliant and each and every participant pulled their weight.

“Week six was also a step up as regards walks. We headed off to Glenariff Forest Park to tackle the very challenging 8.9 km scenic trail full of difficult hills and rough terrain. Weight loss continued at a steady pace.

“Week seven was our final team challenge and it had come right down to the wire. It was to be decided with a keg carry challenge around the quarry. In our final week, our goal was to complete the five km Ecos run in Ballymena, I couldn’t have been prouder of the participants completing this as it seemed such an ridiculous goal in the beginning for a lot of them.

The red team was the winner of the challenge. Overall the “Biggest Losers” lost 40stone 9lb. The individual winner Grainne Campbell lost 36lb alone.