WATCH: Emergency services tasked to rescue cow at Gobbins

The operation took place on October 2.
The operation took place on October 2.

Members of Larne RNLI were deployed to rescue a cow on cliffs in east Antrim yesterday.

The lifeboat was launched at 2.05pm after being requested by Belfast Coastguard to assist the animal near The Gobbins.

Weather conditions were described as being a force 5 North-westerly wind with a significant swell and rough sea.

On arrival at Portmuck Harbour, the volunteer crew met with Portmuck Coastguard and the farmer who provided information on the animal and recommendations on how to safely rescue it. The crew then made their way to the Gobbins with ropes and food meal to try to persuade the animal down the slope then into the water.

One crew member entered the water and swam to the rocky shore near The Gobbins. Unfortunately the sea conditions continued to deteriorate so it was not possible to safely evacuate the animal. The lifeboat crew were then stood down by Belfast Coastguard who were going to liaise with the farmer to consider other methods of rescue.

Speaking after the call out, Barry Kirkpatrick, Larne RNLI Helm said: “Our crew worked very well to implement their training in challenging conditions. Unfortunately due to the weather conditions and location it was not possible to safely rescue the animal by boat.

“We would recommend any animal owner who is worried about their livestock or pet to never enter the water or put themselves in danger. If you are concerned about your animal please call 999 and ask for the coastguard.”

A spokesperson for the RNLI said they do not have an update on the cow’s condition.

The Larne Times contacted Belfast Coastguard for comment.