Warning to Larne ferry passengers as Scots lower drink-drive level

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Ferry passengers bound for Scotland from the Port of Larne are being reminded that a new lower drink-drive limit is set to be introduced across the water from tomorrow (Friday).

The new limit is almost half the previous level – a reduction from 80mg to just 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

The message from the police and road safety organisations is still ‘the best advice is none’, i.e. don’t drink and drive.

But drivers can further contribute to road safety by using their own breathalyser to determine their alcohol level the morning after.

UK company AlcoDigital sells breathalysers suitable for consumers and have just released the new AlcoDigital Platinum.

A world first, it combines the fuel cell’s accuracy and reliability with a replaceable cartridge which users can change themselves, eliminating the need to send the breathalyser away to be calibrated each year.

Suzannah Robin, AlcoDigital’s Sales and Training Director, said:“Many drivers think that ‘sleeping it off’ means fitness to drive the following day, but the truth can be so different.

“Driving the following morning while still over the permitted limit is never worth the risk to you or to other road users.

“The consequences of ‘morning after’ driving can be just as devastating; the only way to be certain is to breathalyse yourself before getting into the car,” she concluded.