Views will be sought on Factory beacon

The Beacon at Tullygarley. INLT 29-362-PR
The Beacon at Tullygarley. INLT 29-362-PR

Residents in Larne’s Factory area are to be asked if they would like to see the local bonfire site transformed into a community beacon.

PUP spokesman Jonathan Hodge claimed a number of residents have expressed their support for a move away from the traditional Eleventh Night bonfire in the area, in favour of a more environmentally friendly option.

He added: “I know through speaking to Factory Community Forum and residents in Ferris Park, that they would like to see the entire area, including bonfire site, redeveloped with the potential to move from a more traditional bonfire to some kind of beacon.

“However, Factory Community Forum will soon be carrying out a survey within the area to make sure that the views and perceptions of the wider community are included and taken account of.

“It is great to see how well bonfire night is currently managed in the area, making it an occasion for the whole community.”

The bonfire site at Tullygarley was the first to be replaced with a beacon in 2009.

Meanwhile, Mr Hodge also highlighted concerns about the state of the park and play area at Ferris Park.

He said: “A number of issues have been raised recently in relation to the park area. The safety surface in the park is regularly damaged and presents a hazard.

“I think an alternative surface should be considered as it surely cannot be cost effective to keep replacing a surface that damages so easily.

“The park was refurbished in the late 1990s but I think it is time that it received an upgrade.

“While modern at the time, it is now significantly outdated compared to other play areas in the town.

“The football surface is also dated and can be dangerous when the ground is wet, with children frequently slipping on it.

“I know that Factory Community Forum have some excellent ideas in relation to how the space can be upgraded and redeveloped and the council should work to support the organisation to deliver a community-led initiative that improves the public realm for all residents of the area.”