Urn is smashed in town hall accident


A Larne councillor has spoken of his “deep embarrassment” after he accidentally broke an ornate urn during a formal ceremony in the McGarel Town Hall.

Cllr John Mathews joined his colleagues at a freedom of the borough event on Friday (see pages 20 & 21).

Dressed in his council robes, the Alliance man was standing at the front of the main hall, next to a plinth on which the urn was placed when he tripped on his gown, collided with the platform and sent the urn crashing to the floor.

The Times understands the object had been in the council’s possession for many years.

However, much to the relief of Cllr Mathews, a council spokesperson said the item had been an ornament and was unlikely to possess any significant monetary value.

Cllr Mathews told the Times: “I am deeply embarrassed by what happened and it is very regrettable. The object had symbolic value to the council, regardless of what it was worth.”