Ulster Covenant of 1912 is topic for Factory talk

THE significance of the Ulster Covenant of 1912 was emphasised at a talk organised in the Factory district of the town last week.

Local historian Dr David Hume was guest speaker at the event organised by the Boyne Square Arch Committee in the Rangers Club.

He told those present that the Covenant had been a binding declaration by unionists of their intent to oppose Home Rule.

The speaker said that at that time Home Rule seemed inevitable and the unionist community was fearful of what the future would hold under a Dublin parliament.

He quoted the Ulster Day sermon of Rev DH Hanson of Gardenmore Presbyterian Church, who said that no government had the right to legislate over issues of conscience.

The speaker outlined the significance and history of Covenants in Scottish history as well as highlighting some of the facts about the Ulster Covenant of 1912, which was signed in total by over 471,400 men and women, the latter having signed a Women’s Declaration.

Following the talk, Mr Jim King, on behalf of the Arch Committee, thanked Dr Hume for his talk and also Gareth McConnell, the local development worker, for organising the event.