TUV’s Wilson pledges support for north Belfast Orangemen


Mid and East Antrim Councillor Ruth Wilson has said local Orange lodges will continue to support their Ligoniel brethren as the row over parading in north Belfast rumbles on.

It has emerged that the Orange Order is to meet with all the unionist parties in a bid to overturn a last-minute decision by Secretary of State Theresa Villiers not to set up a panel to report on parading in north Belfast.

Coast Road TUV Councillor Wilson said: “Both the Larne and Carrickfergus Orangemen have continually shown their support of the Ligoniel brethren and bands.

“Larne District LOL No. 1 is arranging to attend the protest at Twaddell Avenue on January 24.

“For our part, TUV will remain true to our pledge to the Ligoneil lodges.”

Loyalists set up a permanent camp at Twaddell Avenue in July 2102 after a Parades Commission decision stopped an Orange Order parade taking place on a stretch of the adjoining Crumlin Road, which separates unionist and nationalist areas.