Trust facilities ‘need to stay’ in Larne, says MP


East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has met with Dr Anthony Stevens, chief executive of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust to discuss care provision at Larne.

Concerns have been raised by local elected representatives recently regarding the future of Moyle Hospital, Lisgarel and Inver House.

Mr Wilson pointed out that he was not opposed to the greater use of facilities run privately, but believed there was a need to keep the Trust-run facilities so that step-up step-down arrangements would be available for those who required care after leaving hospital.

He added: “The facilities at Lisgarel and Inver House are also important for respite care for families who are looking after loved ones at home, but sometimes find themselves unable to continue with the burden of such care and need a break.

“The Trust Officials have promised to keep the discussion going and have accepted that there are particular issues in the Larne area because of the lack of privately run facilities, which of course does mean that there has to be a future for the existing facilities at Lisgarel and Inver House.

“I know from the number of constituents who contact me that this is an important issue and that these facilities are essential for the smooth operation of care arrangements in the Larne area and I welcome the understanding there appears now to be amongst Trust officials.”

The Trust recently told the Times it plans to consult on its long-term intermediate care strategy in the near future.

A spokesperson said there were “no imminent plans to change current service provision”.