Put illegal cabs off the road, police are urged

Unlicensed taxi drivers in Larne are putting passengers at risk, it has been claimed.

Sinn Fein’s Oliver McMullan this week demanded a police crackdown on the illegal cabs.

“Some of these taxis carry official-looking signs that make them look legitimate, but the drivers are not officially licensed and therefore anyone who is a passenger in one of these cars is not covered by insurance,” he said.

“I have reported it to the police because it’s unfair to unsuspecting passengers and to those taxi firms that have paid out money to be properly licensed and insured and entitled to make their living without unfair competition,” the MLA added.

Mr McMullan revealed he has met with Roads Service to ask for taxi rink signs on Main Street to be re-painted, following complaints that some taxi drivers are waiting on the bus stop, preventing bus users getting on and off safely.

“I understand there is to be a meeting of Roads Service with police soon,” he said. “What is happening at present is dangerous, because taxis are stopping on the area designated for buses and in the loading bay in front of Dunne’s Stores.”