Translink to enforce new policy on scooters

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A new mobility scooter policy which aims to make it easier for scooter users to travel on its trains came into effect on July 1.

Translink’s Head of Railway Services Hilton Parr said: “From July 1 2016 mobility scooters must be assessed and approved for travel in advance of your journey. An approval sticker will be issued for display on the scooter. This new policy will simplify the procedure for passengers as their scooter should only need to be inspected once.

“Following approval, passengers will be able to travel with confidence on our rail services subject to availability of a designated space onboard.’

“Passengers wishing to travel with a mobility scooter should contact 028 9066 6630 to arrange to have it inspected at one of our train stations in advance of your travel date.

“Scooters must be parked in a designated space in the carriage and passengers must dismount and sit in a seat during the journey.”