Toreagh is a ‘great school’ says principal

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The board of governors at Toreagh Primary School has welcomed an inspection report, following a visit by inspectors in September.

The Eduction and Training Inspectorate focused on pupils’ achievements and standards in literacy and mumeracy, the quality of provision for learning and teaching and the quality of leadership and management

The governors were delighted to note, that in the areas inspected, “the quality of education provided by this school is very good.

“The school is meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the children; and has demonstrated its capacity for sustained self-improvement.”

The newly-published report states that the pupils, “make very good progress in English and mathematics and achieve in line with their ability, or above expectation.”

Alongside this, “the children are well-motivated and display positive attitudes to their learning”.

It also states that “standards of behaviour are exemplary.”

The report identifies that the pastoral care at Toreagh Primary is “outstanding.”

The report also indicates that this is reflected in the “excellent working relationships at all levels.”

“A celebration of the children’s learning and achievements” permeates throughout the school.

The report further comments on, “the very strong family and community ethos being developed within the school.”

It also comments on the quality of leadership and management of the governors, principal and co-ordinators, which was also assessed as being “very good.”

The principal, Miss Morrow, would like to thank and congratulate the governors, staff, parents and children for the hard work and commitment, which she says is necessary to attain this high standard.

She continued by saying, “This is a great school, where I am very proud to be the principal.”

“The governors are extremely pleased that Toreagh continues to go from strength to strength.”

Toreagh Primary School is situated in the village of Raloo.

All of the children attending the school come from the village and within a radius of four miles.

One hundred pupils are enrolled at the school.

The report also notes thatparents have expressed “high levels of satisfaction with the educational and pastoral provision in the school, caring staff and supportive learning environment”.