Three-year wait for warmer homes at Factory

THE Housing Executive must act to address “housing inequalities” in Larne, PUP East Antrim spokesman Billy Adamson has said.

Mr Adamson spoke out after a Factory community meeting at which it was said that residents in Wellington Green would have to wait until March, 2014 at the earliest for a multi-element housing improvement scheme to begin.

“What confuses me is that residents in Wellington Green apparently pay the highest rentals in the wider area yet they seem to receive such a poor service,” said Mr Adamson. “I find it disappointing that some of the most vulnerable people in society are left in poorly insulated homes, with coal-fired heating, and this is clearly a case of housing inequality.”

He added that a number of tenants in Ferris Park apparently have to wait until April, 2013 at the earliest for replacement kitchens to be fitted. He said he can “understand the anger of the residents at the length of their wait” and is “disappointed that local elected members have not been more proactive”.

“Regardless of perceived bias towards investment in other areas of the town, residents in the Factory area feel they are not being treated fairly as citizens and their right to properly maintained and fit homes is not being effectively met. I would call on NIHE to address the concerns of local people urgently,” the PUP man urged.

“I feel for those who have to endure another winter in sub-standard housing, particularly older people and young families at a time of record fuel prices,” said Mr Adamson.