The ‘young Hank Marvin’ is casting for Shadows

Chris Braniff.  Picture: RM Studios
Chris Braniff. Picture: RM Studios

A teen guitar virtuoso who has been in the limelight recently for his incredible renditions of the hits of 60s pop sensation The Shadows is now searching for other young musicians for his band.

Chris Braniff, 19, who has been taking theatres and festivals by storm with his two-hour stage show featuring many of The Shadows’ instantly recognisable hits such as Apache, FBI and Wonderful Land is now looking for other young musicians to join his band.

So good are Chris’s guitar skills, he has even drawn praise from Shadow Hank Marvin, who sent his personal compliments after hearing Chris play at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

“The music of the 60s has seen a recent resurgence in popularity,” said Larne lad Chris.

“Young contemporary musicians recognise how this music has shaped and influenced the pop world of today and many now want to go back to the roots to learn how play and craft a song properly.

“Unfortunately, there are not too many outlets for young musicians in Northern Ireland, so I am offering a great opportunity for anyone interested in developing their craft and playing live to join my show.”

Chris added: “There has been increasing demand for my Shadows stage show and I am putting a call out for other young musicians to audition to join my band. I am looking for enthusiastic young musicians aged between 17 and 22 who want to play professionally.

“I need a bass guitar and rhythm guitar player, as well as a drummer to bring to life the music of The Shadows onstage.”

Chris urged: “If any young musicians would like to audition to join my show then they should get in touch with me as soon as possible as I am putting my new band together now.”

To contact Chris, email or telephone 07860 633731.