That’s a weight off my mind!

Diane Linton shows off her new slimline figure after losing more than eight stone. INLT 52-605-CON
Diane Linton shows off her new slimline figure after losing more than eight stone. INLT 52-605-CON

A LARNE slimmer has told how shedding an incredible eight stone in under 11 months has led to a dramatic improvement in her health.

Less than a year ago, Diane Linton was overweight and taking five injections a day to combat diabetes. Now, with the help of Slimming World, the married mother-of-three is completely free of medication and feels she has been given her life back.

“It is fair to say that Slimming World has changed my life and hopefully added a few years on to it,” said a delighted Diane.

“I had weight issues since my first child was born 27 years ago. The weight gain during pregnancy never left and after having two more children, the weight kept increasing. I lost all focus on myself and concentrated on my children and being a wife and mother. It’s so easy to pick at food and graze all day when you have a young family, and I never really got out of that routine.”

Diane tried all the popular diets, which promised quick results and long term success, but to no avail. “I really tried my best on them but never felt satisfied and was always hungry. I had no one to turn to or ask for help, so I did what I’ve always done – eat. It quickly became a vicious cycle,” she added.

What really gave Diane the impetus she needed to lose weight was when she discovered her late father had been concerned about her size and the impact it was having on her health.

“That was the final straw. Hearing from my daughter that my dad had expressed concerns about my health was hard to hear and very upsetting to know he couldn’t approach me, though I’m sure it was only because he wouldn’t want to upset me. I decided this was the last shot and went along with her to the Slimming World group, where she was a member,” she said.

Initially, Diane was sceptical and apprehensive about joining the group. But after attending her first Slimming World class at Larne Library, she quickly became hooked.

“The consultant, Jayson Paisley, welcomed me along and I felt at ease immediately. He introduced himself, showed his ‘before’ picture and briefly shared his journey and I knew I was in the right place. I sat and listened as he explained the plan and I was amazed at the seemingly endless amount of foods that were available to eat without measuring, weighing or counting.

“He asked me to give him my word that I would give this 100 per cent for one week and see what happened on my first weigh-in. I agreed and left feeling positive that I had control over my weight. I ate loads that week – more than I would have normally eaten – and on returning the following week I felt so nervous and scared. But I stood on the scales and was amazed to discover I had lost six pounds,” she added.

Diane’s successful weight loss continued unabated over the following months, and she was even voted the group’s Slimmer of the Year. But the real bonus that came with the weight loss was the dramatic improvement to her health.

“The doctors were really pleased with my weight loss and started reducing the amount of injections and lowering my medication, which was fantastic. In November, I was informed that because of my food intake and well balanced eating plan, I was being taken off all medication, my levels had reached normal and I was able to maintain them without the use of prescribed drugs,” said Diane.

“I look at food differently now and feel so much more in control of my life. I wish I hadn’t left it so long to join the Slimming World family, but I know my father would be so proud if he could see me now.”

Jayson runs three Slimming World groups – Wednesdays in Linn Primary School at 7.30 pm, and Thursdays in Larne Library at 5pm and 7pm. Anyone interested should contact him on 07974728833.

There are also groups in Larne on Mondays in Larne Library at 10am and 7pm, and Tuesdays in Corran Primary School at 7.30pm. For these groups, contact Sarah Leavy on 07706803444.