Teenage kicks for DJ Lewis

A Larne youngster has become an online hit after taking to the airwaves on a newly launched internet radio station.

At the tender age of just 14, Lewis McAdam is the presenter of three shows on Chat and Spin Radio, looking after the Saturday and Sunday breakfast shows from 8am to 10am, as well as the 6pm-8pm slot on Wednesdays.

His latest broadcast attracted almost 300 listeners and his fanbase is continuing to grow.

And not only has Lewis impressed listeners, the Larne High School pupil has won the admiration and respect of those who set up the station. Such is their confidence in the teenager’s abilities, they have tasked him with creating the station’s website and he has even been appointed part of the management team.

Ron Clark, who works alongside Lewis on the station, told the Times that the youngster is a great asset to the team.

“Because Lewis is so young, he has to be mentored, so I work with him during his shows,” Ron added.

“We get a lot of good feedback about Lewis when he is on air, with our listeners telling us they like the way he speaks to them rather than at them.

“He is a natural and has a very good microphone technique. He is dedicated, professional and I think he has a bright future ahead of him.”

Lewis’s passion for radio began when he first heard a broadcast by local station Chaine FM.

He said: “After that I went home and researched how to set up my own station. I started up my own station from my bedroom when I was nine, called Lewis FM. I ran that for a few years and was the sole presenter, then I renamed it Radio Larne in 2012.”

Lewis is completely self-taught and has refined his craft over the years by listening to as many radio stations as possible.

The youngster offered some advice to anyone wanting to start up their own internet radio station.

He added: “I have probably spent about £500 on my equipment over the years, but all you really need to get started is a USB microphone.

“Above all else, to be a good presenter you need to be confident and just be yourself.

“Working for Chat and Spin Radio is providing me with some great experience. In the future I would love to be a presenter on a station like Cool FM or Radio One,” Lewis concluded.

You can listen to Lewis’s shows by visiting www.chatandspinradio.com