‘Take responsibility for your children’ police tell parents

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Police have made a direct appeal to parents following a spate of stone throwing incidents in Larne and Carrick.

The PSNI has urged parents to “take responsibility for their children and speak to them if they are part of this group”.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “The possible consequences of your child doing something stupid which could result in death or serious injury are too horrific to imagine.

“A number of lorries had their windscreens smashed. Could you imagine the devastation that would be caused by a fully laden 40ft lorry crashing through the Armco barrier?

“Know where they are at and satisfy yourself that what they tell you is true. If you have concerns about their behaviour, contact police on 101 and we can try and resolve any issues.

“This isn’t the behaviour of kids rebelling because they have no youth club or nothing to do. These are pre-mediated and reckless acts. Some are criminal acts.

“Parents, you need to take responsibility for your children. If your son or daughter is in this group, please speak to them. They are your kids, know what they are doing, who they are with and where they are hanging out.”