Take a Cake Break for MS

MS sufferer Amie Dix is to host an MS Society Cake Break. INLT 09-625-CON
MS sufferer Amie Dix is to host an MS Society Cake Break. INLT 09-625-CON

Amie Dix, from Larne, is aiming to raise lots of dough for the MS Society by getting involved in a tasty new fundraising initiative.

Cake Break is a scrumptious way to fundraise for people affected by multiple sclerosis.

This year, the MS Society aims to raise more than £350,000 through Cake Break.

To sign up, visit www.cakebreak.org.uk and all you have to do is invite family, friends and colleagues to join you for some tasty treats, in return for a donation.

Amie, 23, will be hosting a Cake Break at her home on May 12. There will be lots of cakes and treats on offer and Amie is hoping to really bake a difference for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Amie said: “I was diagnosed with MS three years ago. It was a massive shock. I’d been having numbness in my legs and arm. My condition deteriorated very quickly and all of sudden I couldn’t move and had terrible relapses every three weeks.

“I was in hospital for weeks and a doctor told me I might not walk again. It was terrifying, but I fought back. I lay there for weeks not sure if I’d walk again, but I kept focusing on wiggling my toe until finally there was some movement”.

After just over nine weeks at the hospital Amie was able to walk again, unaided, with the help of physiotherapy, and she returned home. She still experiences relapses but is now on treatment to slow the progression of her MS.

Amie said: “I’m supporting Cake Break because I’ve really valued the support I’ve had from MS Society. I’m really passionate about the research and it feels like it’s really going somewhere at the moment. I’d like to encourage everyone to get involved and have their own Cake Breaks too.”