Summer crime prevention advice

Police in Mid and East Antrim are asking people to think about crime prevention during the summer months.

With many people heading away, PSNI say they will be proactive and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

However, support from the local community is needed to help protect residents from becoming a victim of crime.

Superintendent Ryan Henderson explained: “If you are lucky enough to be getting away this summer, please remember to take a few crime prevention measures before you go.

“Simple things like cutting the grass, cancelling the milk and newspapers and using time switches to turn on lights that would ordinarily be on in the house help to give your home that lived-in look and remember to set the burglar alarm as well.

“You should also arrange for a responsible person to collect your mail. Outside, ladders and tools should be locked away so that criminals cannot use them to break into your house. Sheds must have suitable door locks and the contents should be security marked against theft.”

Spt Henderson also called on all members of the community to be vigilant. “Good neighbours are important, and if criminals know their every move is being watched, it is much harder for them to operate unnoticed,” he said.

“You are in the best position to know what is ordinary and what is out of the ordinary where you live, so tell police what you have seen. Reporting all suspicious activity promptly to the police is important and we welcome the opportunity to check out all reports of suspicious activity.”

Anyone who would like crime prevention advice can contact their nearest Crime Prevention Officer by telephoning 101, the police non-emergency number.