‘Stay away from disused quarries’

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Environment Minister Alex Attwood has urged the public, especially teenagers, to stay away from disused quarries this summer.

There have been a number of deaths and serious injuries at disused quarries, and this campaign will see new signage at known dangerous quarries, posters, social media and a big push to raise understanding of the scale of the threat and danger.

Mr Attwood said: “We all should be aware of the dangers of disused quarries. Most people do not realise how very cold quarry water can be. It can be much colder than rivers and the sea and this causes swimmers, even the best swimmers, to cramp, go into shock and drown quickly.

“The good weather may last over a couple of weeks, meaning more people will go into the water. But I am asking everyone to do what they can and ensure no-one goes into quarry water.”