‘Stamp out illegal dumping’ at Craigyhill bonfire site

A bonfire in east Antrim last year.
A bonfire in east Antrim last year.

DUP representatives Sammy Wilson, Gordon Lyons MLA and Cllr Angela Smyth have called for co-ordinated action to tackle fly-tipping at the bonfire site in Craigyhill.

In a joint statement, the DUP representatives said: “Bonfires are an important part of our heritage and are enjoyed by our community on an annual basis. Unfortunately, some elements in our community are intent on using this site as a cover to illegally dump vast amounts of waste.

“Those behind the illegal dumping have no thought for the local residents who have to live with the nuisance and unsightly conditions for weeks and months on end.

“The local residents want to see the bonfire continue in the area and we are prepared to work with both residents and organisers to that end. The local residents are simply asking for care and consideration to be shown towards them and their properties.

“We would appeal to those behind the dumping to consider their actions and the impact it is having on the community. A co-ordinated approach is required to ensure that illegal dumping is stamped out once and for all.”