Social isolation health risk

The British Heart Foundation is appealing to retired people in Larne to meet through volunteering to combat the health risks associated with social isolation.

According to the BHF’s new research, meeting people is one of the key reasons for giving time to charity for those nearing, or already at retirement age₁.

In light of this, BHF Northern Ireland is appealing to the 4,800 people in Larne over the age of 65​, to join their fight against cardiovascular disease by volunteering in their local community. Volunteers get to meet new people and also put their life-skills to use leading up to retirement.

BHF Northern Ireland has a diverse community of volunteers. Volunteering with a charity is a great way to meet new friends, to occupy time in a positive way and to become part of a team.

Volunteering is also great for well-being. Research from Community Service Volunteers (CSV) has found older people who volunteer are happier, feel less isolated and can have a better quality of life.

BHF Northern Ireland volunteer Marie Coleman said: “I really feel that my time with the charity has benefited me and I feel good knowing the work that I do helps others too. It has given me the opportunity to meet new people and to have a bit of fun at the same time. I would highly recommend volunteering to anyone who is feeling lonely or just simply looking for something worthwhile and fun to do.”

The charity is recruiting new volunteers now. For information visit