Smashed glass risk at Riverdale car park

Broken glass in the car park at Larne's Riverdale. INLT-29-714-con
Broken glass in the car park at Larne's Riverdale. INLT-29-714-con

A spate of broken glass at a Riverdale car park is putting cars at risk and forcing drivers to park elsewhere, say local workers.

The free car park, which is situated opposite the former Dan Campbell’s bar and runs parallel to the High Street, is used by residents, shoppers and local workers.

However, during the last few months, car park users say they have noticed regular incidents of broken bottles obstructing the access route and car parking spaces.

One commuter, who did not wish to be named, told the Times: “I have been using this car park for a couple of years to park while I’m at work as it’s free.

“It’s handy for the town centre and before this summer I had never had a problem parking here before.

“However, in the last couple of months broken glass has appeared nearly every week in car park spaces or in the route through the car park.

“I have seen people drive over it as they aren’t aware of the situation, and they are risking damage to their tyres.

“From a health and safety viewpoint it isn’t good either for people with young children or for those who are out walking their dogs.

“I think that whoever is doing this needs to act more responsibly; you could cause damage to cars or injury to youngsters or animals.”

Another woman said that she had believed that the situation had been improving until the recent incidents.

“A few years ago broken glass in that car park actually burst my tyres but it hasn’t been like that for a long time,” she stated.

“I thought that things had improved a lot since then, but I did see the glass there this week.

“I will still park there but I will be keeping an eye out for glass in future as I don’t want to risk my tyres getting punctured.”

A spokesperson for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council said that cleaning the car park was its responsibility.

“I can confirm that we would normally clean areas such as this car park when any such reports are received,” he stated.

“Council has not received any reports of glass lying at this car park.

“However, council is now attending the scene and will add this particular car park on to the cleaning route for future.”