‘Significant arrests positive news for Larne’, says PCSP chair

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Larne Councillor Mark McKinty has welcomed the introduction of the PSNI’s Service First programme.

The UUP man said police had made “a number of significant arrests” since the programme was rolled out last month, including a man who was charged on suspicion of burglary.

Cllr McKinty, who is chairman of Larne Policing and Community Safety Partnership ,said: “I am aware that there have been issues of community confidence within the community regarding the rolling out of the Service First programme, however we should welcome the news that the PSNI is responding to emergency calls within Larne to an equal if not better standard than before.

“These arrests are positive news for Larne. In the first week of Service First, 100 per cent of emergency calls were responded to within 15 minutes.”