'Seacourt could turn back into ghetto'

SEACOURT Community Council chairman Bertie Shaw has warned that the estate is turning into a ghetto with problems of substance abuse, violence and anti-social behaviour.

Following trouble in Seacourt, during which police officers came under attack, Mr Shaw said the estate was "being tarnished by reprobates".

"I have been warning at every opportunity that the statutory agencies need to take firm action against those who are intent on causing trouble. For instance, there are those who are a danger to themselves and others because of drink and drugs and yet it seems the powers-that-be aren't prepared to do anything about them.

"I have had anxious parents come to me about their teenagers who are going into houses in the estate where there are drugs. Action needs to be taken over those who are renting these properties. People in the community are genuinely fearful of what is going on in the neighbourhood," Mr Shaw said.