Safety review for half marathon

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THE organisers of Larne Half Marathon have requested extra support from Larne Borough Council to help make next year’s race safer.

The ever-popular event has become one of the top half marathons in Northern Ireland, with the 2012 event proving to be the most successful year yet in terms of participation.

But organisers Larne Athletic Club raised a number of concerns around safety and event management, and have asked the local authority for additional help to ensure the upcoming race in March 2013 remains safe and continues to be a showcase event for the borough.

It is understood that the safety issues relate to road traffic management issues.

The club hopes that having a designated contact within the Council’s Sports Development unit will allow for better planning and management of the race in terms of policing, staffing/marshalling, traffic management and promotion.

It is hoped that about 1,500 participants will turn out for next year’s race, along with around 1,000 spectators. The estimated cost of the event is £20,000, and LAC expects to receive about £18,000 from entrance fees and has a further £2,000 from sponsors Premier Power.

Larne Council has once again agreed to make up any potential shortfall up to a maximum of £2,000, including the provision of in-kind support such as event equipment to help reduce the cost of the event.