Roddens speed limit ‘should be 20mph’

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A local resident is calling for the speed limit at The Roddens to be halved to 20mph in order to protect school kids in the wake of a recent accident.

John Plumb, who spent 26 years as a lorry driver, described the corners along the road as “impossible to drive along safely at 40mph”.

The Roddens is split into two separate zones, with speed limits of 30mph and 40mph in operation.

On Tuesday, February 9 at 3pm, two people sustained minor injuries in a one-vehicle road traffic collision at The Roddens.

A bystander’s photo showed that a car had mounted the pavement and crashed into a hedge.

Ferris Park resident John told the Times: “There are three schools in that area: Roddensvale, Moyle Primary School and Larne High School, and hundreds of pupils are leaving the schools at that time.

“I understand that a young girl and her friends had to run out of the way to avoid being hit as the car hit the pavement.

He added: “The corner there is dangerous to drive around at the 40mph speed limit.

“I have 26 years of experience as an HGV driver, but I have tried to take that corner in a car at 40mph and it is impossible, it is too fast.

“I have lived in Larne all my life and there have been a lot of accidents at that corner.

“I believe it is only a matter of time before there is a fatality.”

Last summer, another resident called for additional safety measures to be put in place at the junction of The Roddens and Greenland Road after a car crashed into a wall in Greenland Court.

John agrees that The Roddens’ junction with Greenland Road gives cause for concern.

“A lot of schoolchildren cross further up there at the junction of Greenland Road and the Roddens and that is the main road to FG Wilson’s and very busy,” he explained.

“I want the speed limit to be lowered before a fatality occurs.”

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “TransportNI has not been approached about this issue. Anyone with concerns such as this should contact their local TransportNI Traffic Management Office, which for the Mid and East Antrim area is available on 028 2566 2518.”