Return to Danville for Uplift

Directors of Uplift Performing Arts, Ryan and Amy Moffett (file photo). INCT 24-024-tc
Directors of Uplift Performing Arts, Ryan and Amy Moffett (file photo). INCT 24-024-tc

A local dance and drama group is to help bolster the close links between Carrickfergus and its US sister city this summer.

Members of Uplift Performing Arts will be lending their talents to a musical outreach programme in the Kentucky town of Danville.

The group has previous links with the city, having held a summer camp for Danville’s youth in 2014 and 2015.

Courtney Munro from Uplift explained: “This summer we are taking a cast of 13 to Danville to teach our music outreach program. This project is a cultural exchange as Danville is Carrick’s sister city and we at Uplift now have a great connection with them, in particularly the West T Hill Theatre in Danville where our cast teach.

“Our cast will be working with a group of kids and will teach them an entire show within a matter of days. This show will then be performed in the theatre and then our cast will do the same the following week with a new set of kids.

“When teaching, our cast aim to make it fun, enjoyable and increase each kid’s confidence and self esteem through singing, dancing and acting. We leave on July 13 and return August 2.”

Headed up by local couple Ryan and Amy Moffett, Uplift has branches in the Greenisland, Carrickfergus and Larne areas.

A packed programme of events lies ahead for the group, including the annual musical variety show Broadway Blitz.

The performance will be taking will be taking place on Saturday, March 19 in the McNeill Theatre in Larne, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £8 for adults & £6 for children.

In the Spotlight, the group’s adult variety show, will be performed in Holy Trinity Woodburn in Carrickfergus on Saturday, April 16 @ 7:30pm. Tickets are £8 per adult and under 12s go free.

A nature theme will be the order of the day for Uplift’s annual spring concert, Jungle Jive.

Each Uplift branch will perform in the McNeill Theatre, Larne including the Greenisland branch (May 19), Larne Branch (May 20), and Carrickfergus and Whitehead branch – (May 21).

Tickets for Jungle Jive will be £8 for adults and under 12’£6.

Meanwhile, students will also travel to Los Angeles in March to take part in the Dance Excellence convention.