Respond to cancer care claims, minister told

Sinn F�in MLA Oliver McMullan. INLT 15-690
Sinn F�in MLA Oliver McMullan. INLT 15-690

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has described a report apparently leaked to the “Irish News” newspaper from the Health and Social Care Group as “frightening reading” especially for those suffering from cancer.

In a statement, Mr. McMullan said: “As someone who suffers from cancer, I realise the need for early diagnosis and treatment for a favourable outcome, yet this report outlines the complete opposite.

“The report states that there will be less access to specialists, surgery will be curtailed and waiting times increased to up to two years.

“If these cuts are implemented in the way the report outlines, then some people with cancer will not live long enough to begin treatment.

“The new Health Minister Simon Hamilton has a responsibility to tell the public whether this report is accurate or not.

“He must also outline how he intends to manage his budget to ensure that all patients get the proper treatment within a reasonable period of time.

“The minister needs to join with Sinn Féin in opposing the Tory cuts that are preventing his department from delivering the service that people deserve and are entitled to.”