‘Residents’ views on Craigyhill bonfire must be taken into account’ – says Larne councillor

Councillor Gordon Lyons.  INLT 12-681-CON
Councillor Gordon Lyons. INLT 12-681-CON

Bonfire builders in Craigyhill have been urged to be mindful of the views of other residents, as prepartions for the Eleventh night continue apace.

DUP Councillor Gordon Lyons spoke to the Times of his concern regarding the number of tyres that have appeared at the bonfire site in the estate.

He added: “I know that many people in the area enjoy the bonfire on the Eleventh night and the large crowds that attend the event each year are evidence of that. It is a tradition that we want to see continue.

“However I know that many people are rightly concerned about the visual impact that it has in the area in the weeks leading up to the Eleventh night.”

The Coast Road representative appealed to those people who are building the bonfire to “take into consideration the views of local residents and try to keep the area tidy”.

He added: “Along with residents, I am concerned about the number of tyres that are appearing on bonfire sites.

“It is of course illegal to burn tyres and there are serious detrimental health and environmental effects.

“I hope that everyone would recognise the reasons why we want to move away from burning tyres.”

Cllr Lyons said he was willing to work with bonfire organisers and local residents in whatever capacity he could in order to ensure “a safe and enjoyable period” in the run up to the Eleventh night.