Readers debate proposal to halve Roddens speed limit

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Larne Times readers have been airing their views on social media regarding a suggestion that the Roddens speed limit should be halved to 20mph.

The proposal was made by local resident John Plumb, who called for the speed limit to be reduced to protect school kids in the wake of a recent accident.

John described the corners along the road as “impossible to drive along safely at 40mph”.

The suggestion generated considerable debate on the Larne Times Facebook page.

Ian Ringland stated: “It is possible to have digital signs that, during the hours when schools are busy, could display a warning and 20 mph limit. It doesn’t have to be 20 mph all the time.”

Fiona Kelly Holland added: “How about a huge sign with flashing lights reading: ‘Please drive with due care and consideration for others.’”

However, Karen Bearns said a speed limit reduction would “make no difference.”

“The speed posted is a limit, not a goal,” Karen stated.

“It disgusts me the amount of folk picking up little darlings who completely forget the rules of the road. Zigzag lines and double yellow lines are there to protect their little darlings, not to provide them with a convenient parking space at the door.”

David Moxon added: “It’s parents that collect children from school that cause a lot of hassle and ignore yellow lines and park in very bad areas like footpaths or corners, so other road users have a lot of dodging cars on both sides of the road. So accidents are about to happen no matter what.”