Raloo girls take to the floor for annual display

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Awards were presented to Kerrie Anderson, Gemma Crawford, Stephanie McIlroy and Niamh Burgess of Raloo Presbyterian GB. INLT 16-320-PR
Duke of Edinburgh Silver Awards were presented to Kerrie Anderson, Gemma Crawford, Stephanie McIlroy and Niamh Burgess of Raloo Presbyterian GB. INLT 16-320-PR

TRIBUTES were paid to the late Miss Mary McWilliam as the 362nd NI Company of the Girls’ Brigade held their 13th annual display at Raloo Presbyterian Church hall, Crosshill.

As Company captain Linda McIlroy said: “Mary had taken the girls for Scripture until last year, and we greatly appreciate all the time and effort she gave so willingly. Mary always enjoyed taking the course as it gave her the chance to share her love of God with the girls. While we shall miss her, we know she is now with her heavenly Father who she loved!”

It was yet another eventful and successful year for the Raloo girls. In the Northern Ireland finals, for instance, there was a first for Poppy Thomas in junior craft, and a quarter-final place for the seniors in the Volleyball.

The Seniors had qualified for the Northern Ireland finals, by winning the district volleyball event. At district level, there was also a second place for the Brigaders in netball; the Juniors were semi-finalists in duster hockey and the Company Section, third in the Scripture table quiz.

There were also silver Duke of Edinburgh awards for Kerrie Anderson, Niamh Burgess, Gemma Crawford and Stephanie McIlroy, and Bronze Awards to Melissa Earley, Johanna Gray, Emily Lyle, Hannah McBride, Joni McGookin, Sophie McDonald and Erin Robinson.

Mr Jim Moore announced the following winners who received their awards from Mrs Jill Bingham.

GB Week: single, (tie) Amy Anderson; family, Stephanie and Ashleigh McIlroy.

Tiny Tots

Crawford Cup for uniform: Sarah Moore; runner-up: Shannon Shields.

Steele Cup for Endeavour; Kate Andrews.


People’s Shield for uniform; Sian Boyd; runner-up: Lois Cross.

Kathleen Crawford Shield for PE; Lois Cross.

Plata Cup for choral speaking; (tie) Lauren Wilson and Dakota McCrory.

People’s Cup for endeavour; (tie) Lola Finch and Ruby Starrett.


McConnell Cup for uniform; (tie) Ashleigh McIlroy and Rachael McConnell; runner-up: Courtney, Chloe and Chantelle Dunlop.

Scripture workbook prize; Ella Brady.

Beggs Cup for Scripture; Ellen Starrett

Hunter Cup for speech and drama; Lauren Boyd.

Moore Cup for PE; (tie) Sarah Lyle and Ella Brady.

Campbell Salver for Endeavour; Poppy Thomas.


Wilson Cup for uniform; Amy Clarke; runner-up: Aimee May Shields.

McWilliam Shield for Scripture; (tie) Jessica Starrett and Aimee May Shields.

McWilliam Memorial Cup for PE: (tie) Shannon McGowan and Aoife Burgess.

McMaster Cup for endeavour; Rebekah Bell.


Agnew Cup for uniform; Stephanie McIlroy; runner-up: Niamh Burgess.

Buchanan Cup for Scripture; Erin Robinson.

PE Shield; Jonie McGookin.

Brigader Shield for endeavour; Emily Lyle.

Brigader Broach; (tie) Julie Martin and Zoe Buchanan

Earlier, the audience were entertained by Some One (Explorers), Parachute Games (Tiny Tots), 2 Become 1 (Seniors and Brigaders), Younique (Explorers), The Ugly Duckling (Juniors), The Lost Sheep (Tiny Tots), Copy Cats (Seniors), Take me Out (Brigaders), Raloo Olympics (Explorers), Teabag (Juniors) and the epilogue – “100 per cent unique and 110 per cent for God (all).