Raloo Girls’ Brigade prizewinners receive their awards at annual display and presentation event

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Raloo Presbyterian Church has announced prizewinners at their annual Girls’ Brigade display which took place earlier this year.

The results are as follows:

Tiny Tots: Crawford Cup for Uniform winner - Daisy Finch, runner-up - Morgan Beattie; Steele Cup for Endeavour winner - Grace McAuley.

Explorers: People’s Shield for Uniform winner - Sarah Moore, runner-up - Lauren Wilson; Kathleen Crawford Shield for PE winner - Shannon Shields; runner- up - Rebecca McKillop; The Plata Cup for Choral Speaking winner - Erynn McCrory, runner -up - Niamh Coey. People’s Cup for Endeavour winners - Juliet Lyle and Lola Finch

Juniors McConnell Cup for Uniform winner - Robyn McCollam, runners-up - Bradie Hogg and Zoe Shields ;Beggs Cup for Scripture winner - Rachel McConnell, runner-up - Robyn McCollam; Hunter Cup for Speech and Drama winner - Olivia Starrett; Moore Cup for PE winner - Robyn Park, runner- up - Lydia McAleer; Campbell Salver for Endeavour Winners - Cara Moorehead and Erin Millar .

Seniors: Wilson Cup for Uniform winner - Ashleigh McIlory, runner-up -Abigail Park; McWilliam Shield for Scripture Winners Lauren Boyd, Ashleigh McIlory and Poppy Thomas; McWilliam Memorial Cup for PE winners - Abigail Park and Andrea Woodside; McMaster Cup for Endeavour Winner - Amy Weatherup

Brigaders: Agnew Cup for Uniform Winner - Amy Clarke, runner-up - Stephanie McIlory ; Buchanan Cup for Scripture winner - Joni McGookin; PE Shield - Erin Robinson; Brigader Shield for Endeavour winner - Emily Lyle.

GB Week Collection was awarded to Amy Anderson; runner up, Cara Nelson.

Brigader Brooch was awarded to Gemma Crawford.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards were presented to: Rebekah Bell, Emily Booth, Alice Burgess, Amy Clarke, Zoe Moxam, Louise McDowell, Rachel McDowell and Aimee-May Shields.