Puppy love as mayor praises rescue operation

The mayor of Mid and East Antrim has praised the staff involved in rescuing 28 puppies from a truck at Harbour Highway just yards from Larne Port last week.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 5:06 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:58 pm

The Cockapoos, King Charles Cavaliers and Cocker Spaniel pups were taken into council’s care after PSNI stopped the vehicle following a tip-off by a member of the public.

They have now all been booked or rehomed thanks to the work of a number of local charities, including Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary, Cavaliers in Need and USPCA.

The charities were all overwhelmed by the response from the public, having to implement waiting lists for some of the pups.

Mayor Lindsay Millar with one of the rescue pups.
Mayor Lindsay Millar with one of the rescue pups.

The operation is the second major haul of puppies recovered by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, with 17 pups being taken into care just before Christmas.

Mayor Cllr. Lindsay Millar said: “I’m so glad that these little pups have been offered a second chance in life and will now be able to enjoy their safe, new homes. I am so proud of all those involved in the rescue, it’s no small operation. From the member of the public who called in, to the PSNI, the council staff, the charities involved and all the staff in between helping look after these precious pups. It truly has been a team effort.

“I’m so lucky to have visited the caring staff here at Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary today as they have worked so hard. Whilst these pups here are completely adorable, it’s hard to see other animals here still looking for forever homes. I would encourage anyone thinking of getting a dog to adopt and not shop. Older dogs, whilst maybe not fitting in your hand like these pups, can certainly fit in to your family so I would love to see the same response to these pups from the public, happen for some of these other beautiful animals.

“Adopting or taking on any animal is a huge responsibility so I would encourage you to do your research so animals, like these pups, don’t end up back in shelters in later life.”

Mayor Linday Millar.

George Anderson from Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary said: “I believe these puppies were farmed, a sadly common sight here at the sanctuary. It’s not right and anyone involved in this horrifying practice should stop now. What kind of human could treat a living creature so badly?

“We need tougher punishments for puppy farmers and animal abusers. The staff have worked very hard to make sure these pups received the right medical attention and these are the lucky ones. It just doesn’t bear thinking what conditions the animals left behind could be in.

“Our sanctuary has lots of animal that need a loving home and we hope that out of what could’ve been a terrible situation for these pups, the awareness raised of the support we need will help our other animals here who would like a brighter future.”

Mayor of Mid & East Antrim, Cllr Lindsay Millar, pictured at Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary along with Stephen Kennedy (MAAS Committee) and Manager Janet Hume.