Pupils pitch in at St Killian’s open day

Naomi, Paul, Sian and Clodagh at the St Killian's Colllege open day. INLT 05-310-PR
Naomi, Paul, Sian and Clodagh at the St Killian's Colllege open day. INLT 05-310-PR

St Killian’s College welcomed a large crowd of primary six and seven pupils with their parents to its open day recently.

The prospective pupils and parents were welcomed to the college by principal Mr Brady, who in his opening remarks highlighted the many successes that the college has enjoyed.

These, he said, were the result of the commitment and dedication of staff, parents and pupils who ensured that the St Killian’s community continues to develop from strength to strength.

“My firm belief is that these are the three factors - staff, parents and students that are the foundation of a good school, where everyone is encouraged to develop their own talents and abilities to the full.

“One of my greatest ambitions is that your child will be happy at St Killian’s. A happy child is a child who is confident in their own ability, ambitions and dreams for the future.

“They will as a result achieve their full potential in whatever walk of life they choose.

“Indeed this was clearly recognised by the Education and Training Inspectorate who highlighted that the students of St Killian’s had a strong belief in themselves, are confident and that there is a clear and vibrant school community.

“At St Killian’s, as you will see from the students that you meet today are happy, feel secure and safe within the college where they know they are cared for, challenged and respected.

“I, along with the whole staff, will ensure that the college will continue to be a centre of excellence in all areas of life.

“In essence, St Killian’s is about developing young people who are proud of themselves and of whom in turn we can be proud.

“St Killian’s is providing for the Glens and East Antrim area a post primary college that gives our young people a seamless transition from primary school. There is close collaboration between St Killian’s and its partner primary schools so that the young people will come to us well used to the big school environment.

“For example, links have been made where, primary school pupils are able to visit the college regularly, whether that be for curriculum days, such as our involvement in forensic science in primary schools with St John’s, Corran Primary, St Anthony’s and St MacNissi’s or the cross community PIEE project between St Mary’s Cargan, Seaview and Carnlough Integrated primary schools.”