PUP man speaks out following spate of attacks in town

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Larne PUP spokesman Jonathan Hodge has expressed concerns over a number of recent attacks in the town.

Mr Hodge referred to an incident in the Ferris Avenue area on Friday, January 24, when a gunshot was fired though the living room window of a house.

Two men were arrested in connection with the incident last week, but were subsequently released unconditionally.

Mr Hodge told the Times: “We have had a number of attacks in the Ferris Avenue area recently and these have obviously been upsetting for the families involved, as well as the local community, who thought incidents like this were consigned to the past.

“This is a family estate and has many children and older people living there. Those who carry out attacks like this should think of the wider impact of these actions, particularly on older residents and children who will feel isolated, vulnerable and scared in their homes.”

He also spoke about an attack on a disabled man’s home and car in the Knockdhu Park area of the town on Thursday, February 6.

A brick was thrown through the living room window of the victim’s house, and his Motability car was also set alight.

Mr Hodge added: “This attack in Craigyhill is also cowardly and despicable and has a real impact on this person’s independence and quality of life.

“The PSNI and other agencies must work together to address attacks like this in the town before someone is hurt or killed.

“It is unfortunate that these attacks have come at a time when policing resources are being directed away from the town and this must be reviewed.

“If there are disputes or conflicts anywhere in the town, and where mediation may help, I am happy to mediate wherever possible. It is important that issues are resolved before they result in violence.”