Public consultation launched on care home standards

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Health Minister Edwin Poots has announced a public consultation on revised minimum care standards for nursing homes.

The standards set out the minimum requirements that providers of these services must achieve, and set the service level that nursing home residents and their families and carers can expect.

The move comes one month after the Health and Social Care Board’s vote to refer the consultation on care home admissions back to health trusts for review.

Homes affected by that decision include Lisgarel in Larne.

Referring to the new public consultation on minimum care standards, Mr Poots said: “These standards mean that some of our most vulnerable adults will be assured of the minimum level of care they can expect to receive.

“The standards were originally published in 2008 and it is timely that they have been reviewed to take into account developments in nursing home care in the meantime.”

The Minister added: “Our goal is to improve the quality of life for residents and these standards will help achieve this.

“I am delighted that Age NI has worked with residents to inform the development of these standards and their priorities and needs have been reflected alongside the requirements of the legislation.

“This consultation is another important step on the road to improving the quality of all regulated services and I encourage anyone with an interest, especially residents and their families, to make their views known.”

The final standards will be used by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) for the registration and inspection of nursing homes to assess and report the quality of care delivered. For more information visit: