'˜PSNI will deal with anti-social behaviour robustly'

Police have carried out an operation to clamp down on anti-social behaviour by teenagers.

Monday, 14th January 2019, 10:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 7:34 pm

The warning comes after officers were alerted to anti-social behaviour in the Loughshore area of Newtownabbey.

The PSNI said that officers, wearing video cameras, have been “focusing on dealing with anti-social behaviour issues robustly”.

A spokesperson for PSNI Newtownabbey said: “Last summer, we had youths coming from north Belfast into Glengormley, and recently, we’ve seen some coming from Carrick to Loughshore.

“Unfortunately, some of these youths have behaved in a manner that has caused local residents to call police.

“We’re more than happy for you all to come to our wee part of the world, but please be mindful of local people and what is considered acceptable behaviour, especially legally.”

Last month, loutish behaviour caused fast food restaurant McDonald’s in Carrick to close early and train conductors on the Larne to Belfast line who were “so concerned for their safety due to drunken youths that they had to stop and hold the train until the youths got off”.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Behaving in an aggressive manner towards members of the public could see you slapped with a common assault charge.

“Shouting and swearing. That’s disorderly behaviour.

“Throwing objects at passing vehicles - attempted criminal damage, causing a danger to road users, the list goes on.

“A conviction for a criminal offence can limit your future, including study and job prospects. A conviction will stop you from getting into certain countries, like Australia or the USA (so no Disneyland).

“Want to work in a care or teaching capacity? Not with an assault conviction.”