PSNI warn motorists over parking on pavements

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Police have issued a reminder to motorists over parking on pavements in Larne and Carrick.

The PSNI has warned that “repeat offenders” will be issued with fixed penalty tickets.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Recently we’ve had a number of complaints about pavements being blocked by parked cars.”

Offending motorists have been given leaflets to explain the necessity of leaving space on pavements for pedestrians.

“We will continue to target problem areas and any repeat offenders may find, instead of a flyer, a Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued.

“Please be considerate of others when parking your vehicle.”

Problem areas being highlighted to police include Bay Road, Greenland Crescent and in the vicinity of Linn Primary and Corran Integrated Primary schools in Larne.

In Carrick, Victoria Road/Princes Way, Prince William Way, Windmill Avenue and Larne Road, Eden are said to be affected.