PSNI urge: ‘Don’t buy counterfeit goods on the doorstep’

PSNI crest
PSNI crest
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Everyone likes a bargain, but if the item being purchased is counterfeit then it can prove to be anything but cost-effective, Larne police have warned.

“Householders need to think carefully before parting with their hard-earned cash, particularly if the sale is taking place on their own doorstep,” advised a PSNI spokesman.

Police have warned that counterfeit goods are in general sold at an attractive price, are sub-standard, of very poor quality, and depending on the item, could also be dangerous.

The spokesman added: “By purchasing counterfeit goods you are depriving bona fide retailers, who have served the public faithfully for many years, of their livelihood, and are supporting organised criminal gangs who contribute nothing to the Exchequer or to the local community.

“If you have been offered counterfeit goods for sale, note the description of the person, the registration of any vehicles used, and please contact the police straight away. The telephone number to ring is 0845 600 8000. Alternatively information about crime can be passed anonymously to the ‘Crimestoppers’ charity on freephone 0800 555111,” he urged.