Proposals for war memorial are now in a ‘difficult place’

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PLANS for a war memorial in Ballycarry face an uphill struggle owing to the present recession, the local community association has said.

The proposal to erect a war memorial for Ballycarry and district came several years ago after the association decided that those who died during the two world wars should be commemorated.

Fundraising for the venture centred around the annual Festival of Remembrance and several thousand pounds has been raised over the years.

The group engaged with a local stonemason and purchased the stone for the memorial from a firm in England.

But while the stone arrived safely, the stonemason, who had agreed to carry out the work as a community contribution, subsequently went out of business, largely due to the economic climate but also because of health reasons.

The association said this week it has been trying to seek an alternative and is currently engaged in seeking tenders for the work.

But it said that the plans were now “in a difficult place”.

And chairman Dr David Hume admitted that the cost may prove too high for the group.

“The local community has done well in my opinion to raise over £6,000 towards this project but it is unlikely that we can raise another substantial sum in order to complete the memorial and inscribe the names from the local area on it,”

“We are currently striving very hard to see what can be done, but it is extremely disappointing for everyone involved,” he said.

The association chairman said that the group decided to go public to explain to local people and those who had supported the project what the present situation was.

“We had hoped that the memorial would be erected in 2012 and have worked with Larne Borough Council in relation to the site for the memorial.

Planning permission has been obtained and the stone is now in storage, but the concern we have is how to move forward in the present climate,” he said.