Pride of place for new fountain at Tullygarley

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A replica of Larne’s historic Tullygarley fountain has been officially unveiled.

The new ornamental fountain replaces the original landmark, which was removed 50 years ago after being damaged by a car.

The project has been championed by Tullygarley Residents’ Association, who received an £11,580 grant from the Department for Social Development to undertake the scheme.

The new fountain is now standing at the junction of the Bank, Glynn and Circular Roads.

Residents’ Association Chairman Rusty Johnston remembers the original fountain standing in the middle of the road during his childhood, before it was knocked down and disposed of.

He told the Times: “The fountain is part of the town’s heritage. It took us two years from beginning the project until the fountain was completed.

“The new fountain was created by Northern Ireland artist Alan Cargo, who designed a statue in Belfast and has worked all over Northern Ireland.

“We wanted the fountain to be exactly the same as the original, so we used photos belonging to an old lady which we then enlarged to examine the details.

“It’s a nice part of the history of the town and it brightens the area up.”

Having secured the Tullygarley fountain, Rusty is now contemplating a further historical project to enhance Larne’s heritage.

He revealed: “There used to be a watering trough at the bottom of Market Yard. It was there 80 years ago and my mother-in-law remembers it.

“In fact, you can still see the pipe in the wall just opposite the Eagle Bar.”

Rusty is now appealing for photographs of the Market Yard water trough to examine its design.

If you have any such photographs, contact Rusty on 028 2826 0543.