Ulster Unionists explain Pride flag opposition

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The Ulster Unionist Party has explained its decision to oppose a motion for the flying of the Pride flag at key Mid and East Antrim Council buildings.

Speaking in the council chamber on Monday night, Cllr, Keith Turner said: “There is already a flag flown that gives recognition to the LGBTQ+ community, in fact that flag gives recognition to all people regardless of age, faith, colour or gender and that flag is the Union flag.

“It is an emblem to which people from all over the world flock to as a safe harbour against persecution.

“My problem with this motion is that if we were to acquiesce, then it sets a dangerous precedent for any other minority group to come forward and demand that their cause be advertised in exactly the same way.

“We in the Ulster Unionist Party believe in equal status for everyone, but we feel that this motion is pushing into the boundaries of special status which no group however large or small should be afforded.”